Things I Will Eat When I’m Done My Diet:

  • Bengal Lounge Indian Buffet
  • Nachos
  • Tapioca pudding
  • Vegan sweet and sour soy balls

This is just the beginning, what else should I add?

Let me first say, that I don’t really need to be on a diet (in my opinion). However, I’m the Maid of Honour in a wedding on September 1st and the bride “thought I told her to order my dress in a size 4”. This is comical because the only times I fit a size 4 was when I was eleven/in a Club Monaco (bless vanity sizing). The dress fits, per se, but not in a comfortable way. Or in a way that will allow me to drink beer, eat cake or breath. So, over the next 3 weeks I’m on a diet to lose a couple pounds.

My best friend Katie once told me that after 30 it becomes more about what you eat than the exercise you do.  As a 31-year-old I have to at least  somewhat agree. Before I met my boyfriend 6 months ago, I was really active–I was running around 50K a week, mostly on hills and trails. Now that I’m in love, I’m still active, but it’s more along the lines of a hike, a yoga class and maybe a short run here and there. I’d rather spend a morning lounging around with my love than spend three hours running up and down a mountain. And I have gained a bit of weight over the last 6 months, but not a lot. Definitely not an amount proportionate to the changes in my activity level.

So with that, I intend to lose about 5 pounds on diet alone. This means I will stop eating donuts (I usually have about 4 a week) and all the other treats I love and regularly indulge in. I’m going to cook healthy food at home instead of eating out, and if I do eat out it will be sushi.

Also I will keeping a running list and fantasize constantly about all the amazing and delicious things I will eat come September 2nd.


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