Weekend Away: Green Lake

Full disclosure: If my parents didn’t live on Green Lake in the heart of the Cariboo, I likely would never make the trip. But they do, so I fulfil my daughterly obligations and head north every once in awhile.

The Cariboo is a beautiful region of BC but it’s a bit out of the way for most of the province . It’s about a 5 hour drive from Vancouver or 8 hour trip from Victoria, assuming you stop to pee every 45 minutes like I do. I’ve heard rumours that it can be done in less time.

photo (7)

However, the sunsets alone are worth the drive. If  you like sage, tumble weeds, crystal clear lakes, and small town meat draws, then the Cariboo is the place for you! And if you like winding roads with landscapes that make you ponder your existence, spooky old abandoned churches, and precarious highway turns, then you will certainly enjoy the drive.

The region is heaven for snowmobilers and quadders if that’s your thing, but there is something for everyone. Boats are everywhere in the summer, though it’s interesting to note that most people chose water skiing as their activity of choice. Take from that what you will. If you aren’t too afraid of bears there are  a lot of trail runs and easy hikes in the area that you may never find if I don’t introduce you to my dad. There could also be some maps or books on the subject available. If you don’t mind the cold, in the winter some guys from the Lower Mainland create an Olympic size hockey rink on the lake, complete with lights and bleachers, and have an annual weekend long game. I’d like to check that out some time. And I wasn’t kidding about the meat draws–The Dusty Rose Pub in 70 Mile on Saturdays. It’s the place to be.


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