Male Privilege Is

Ladies, how true is this? How many times have you gotten hit on and expressed obvious disinterest, only to have the guy become more persistent? And how many times have you used the boyfriend line, whether it is true or not, and had the guy drop his attempts and walk away? It’s not an absolute rule, but in my experience, this is pretty much how it goes.

I asked my boyfriend how he has dealt with unwanted advances, and a simple “thanks, but no thanks” has proven quite successful for him. For me this line has always seemed to be an invitation to try harder.  I asked my boyfriend how many times he has lied about having a girlfriend to avoid further conversations…..0.

I just thought this was interesting, something to think about. I should probably add that I saw this posted on Facebook by a girl who I know to be smart and thoughtful, but don’t know well at all.  I cannot speak to the accuracy of this study, only to the accuracy of my experience, which definitely mirrors the words above.


Something to Consider: Male Privilege

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