Weekend Away: Sombrio

If you’re into hiking, surfing, camping or just live on Vancouver Island, you probably already know about Sombrio. It isn’t exactly a hidden gem, this is especially evident in the great number of French Canadian hippies in crazy costumes camping there at any given time. That said, it is a gem, and if you don’t have a ton of gear or small children it’s not a challenge to hike a ways down the beach to a more quiet camp site.

photo from @kurtbronson

photo from @kurtbronson

To me, Sombrio is the perfect combination of old growth rain forest and rolling Pacific Ocean waves. It doesn’t get much better or more West Coast than this. It is easily accessible for a night of camping on the beach and allows for some of the most beautiful day hikes on the Island.

My boyfriend and I took our time getting there, breaking up the 90 minute drive with a late lunch in Sooke. We ate a decent meal on a great patio at the Stickleback West Coast Eatery, but there a lot of great choices in Sooke I hear. We got to Sombrio late in the afternoon and spent about an hour walking the entire length of the rocky beach before meeting up with some friends who were hiking the Juan de Fuca trail. We had hot dogs and beer and a camp fire and an unreal sunset. Our braver (more drunk) friends took a dusk dip in the ocean. On Sunday morning, Kurt, Elexa and I wrapped up the camping trip with a day hike in the direction of Botanical Beach. Every time I’m here I wonder why I’m not here more often. This landscape takes my breath away and makes me feel so lucky to live where I do.


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