Healthy Monday

For dinner on Thursday I had take out sushi. For lunch on Friday I had tapioca pudding. Same for early dinner (it’s a thing). For late dinner (also a thing) my boyfriend and I split Tibetan momos and prawn red curry from The Mint. On Saturday morning we split a breakfast strata from 2% Jazz (probably try it). For dinner on Saturday I ate oily pub stirfry. For Sunday breakfast I had super delicious latkes from The Village. On Sunday night Kurt and I split pad thai and vegetarian red curry from Little Thai Place.

On Monday for dinner I pulled up my health socks and cooked for the first time in days.

I chopped up a crown of broccoli, an orange pepper, a zucchini, and about 10 shitake mushrooms and steamed them for 10 minutes. I boiled some of those tofu noodles and mixed everything together in a pot. I added a couple tablespoons of peanut satay sauce and a couple teaspoons of soy sauce and done.

So good and so healthy and ready in less than 15 minutes.


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