My September Budget (I can’t believe I’m posting this online)

Over the last 5 months I’ve been making all sorts of financial rules for myself that I, more or less, have been sticking to.
  • I live on $100 a week for life/fun/etc
  • I must put, at the very least, $755 a month towards debt repayment
  • Any money after the above and normal monthly expenses is split the following:
  1. I put $20 away for my Newfoundland in 2014 trip (separate planned spending account)
  2. I put 50% of the remaining onto my debt
  3. I put 50% of the remaining into my planned spending account
Planned spending is something that I learned about when I started reading the wonderful personal finance blog Blonde on a Budget. It is the notion that when you know you will be needing/wanting to spend money on a trip/wedding/shopping spree/furniture/moving/whatever, you financially plan for it. Let me tell you, I had a lot of extras this summer and if I hadn’t been planning for them since the Spring I may have died from stress. This is seriously the best financial tip I’ve ever received and if you are human who has both logic and foresight, I suggest you try it. Unless you have more money than you know what to do with, then whatever.
Despite sticking to all these personal finance rules and reading this one personal finance blog, I am really great at coming up with reasons why now is not the right time to started writing out a monthly budget. My best excuse to date is: This month (whatever month I’m coming up to) has so many extras, it would make sense to start a budget on a more “normal” month.
But enough with excuses…here we go! September is a far from normal month, with a wedding in Prince George where I’m the Maid of Honour, Rifflandia, a belated 6 month anniversay dinner with my love and a weekend trip to Vancouver to see the National, it’s actually going to be a very expensive month. I’m happy to say it’s all paid for!

7 thoughts on “My September Budget (I can’t believe I’m posting this online)

  1. Good for you that you made yourself a budget! It’s the best way to keep on top of your cash flows coming in and out, even if you have a sporadic income. It is the best way to meet financial goals. Maybe choosing a shorter time line for your budget, one working with when you receive your pay (2 weeks, instead of a month) can help with the uncertainty.

  2. It’s helpful for a lot of people that you are brave and sharing your budget 🙂 I think it shows a lot of people that budgeting is actually painless and that anyone can do it! And congrats on being able to take some awesome trips in the near future!

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  4. I’m so sad I didn’t see this post earlier… but hooray for planned spending savings! It’s such a weird concept, at first, but it’s essential to staying out of debt. Like you, my summer was insanely expensive, and I can’t imagine what my finances would’ve looked like if I didn’t have extra money set aside for all of the trips I took, etc. Your financial rules for the last 5 months look awesome. Good luck with September!

    PS, you are a great writer. Happy I finally found your blog. 🙂

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