Weekend Away: Prince George

Here are some of the reasons you might go to Prince George:

  1. You are interested in drugs/crime/gangs
  2. You are en route to Alaska
  3. You have a love of outdoor activities, an affordable lifestyle, and down-to-earth people
  4. Your friend Chelsea is marrying the love of her life and has asked you to be the Maid of Honour

For this trip, I was there because of reason #4.


The wedding was perfect from start to finish, from rehearsal to gift opening. The ceremony took place at an equine and animal rescue centre. There were horses and pigs and PUPPIES. The reception had a mechanical bull. The bride and groom were beyond happy and more than beautiful. I have been to way too many fun weddings to make any judgements here, but I heard a lot of people say that it was the best wedding they had ever been to. Including my dad. In front of my mother. You can imagine how that went down.

While most of our time was spent with Chelsea and Matt and celebrating their love, my boyfriend and I actually had some spare time to ourselves for a mini-vacay. We had naps. We had predictable meals at Moxie’s and Earls. We had a great meal at Cimo and an outstanding one at Hummus Brothers. We swam in the Nechako River. We went on the water slides at Esther’s Inn. We had an amazing home-made dinner with my friend Jacqui (she is an accountant who rides a long board to work and almost went to the Olympics in 2010, a very not boring woman). We had coffee with my friend Tessa in the park. I screened the documentary Dawn of a New Day for work. We hung out with my parents and various other members of my old school friends and family. It was full and wonderful.

PG is an interesting and unique place that will always have a spot in my heart. There are 4 Tim Hortons per person. Chivalry is alive and 200px-Mr_PG_-_Prince_George_-_British_Columbiawell. Lots of clean shaven faces and newly made American vehicles (Kurt’s observations).  One of the wedding guests was a woman from rural Tennessee who had spent a lot of time in rural BC. I asked her what the difference was between Southern US rednecks and Northern Canadian ones. Her reply, “Absolutely nothing other than the accents. Oh wait. Canadian rednecks drink more. They are way more fun”


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