September FOMO

I’m 31-years-old and I have FOMO like a pre-teen. I can’t believe I’m actually even using that acronym in a sentence. As I shared recently, I have a full and expensive September. I was in Prince George for Labour Day, I’m doing Rifflandia next weekend, and heading to Vancouver for the National the weekend after that. But even with a month that is jam packed with fun, I’m not feeling satiated. There is still so much that I want to do. So much. But I can’t do it all, as I’m trying to learn, it’s no good for my mental health or my budget to be either working or rallying; you gotta throw some rest in there sometimes too. These are the things I’m not doing this month, but will think about longingly while I’m at home watching Netflix.

Saveria and I in 2000

Saveria and I in 2000

1. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Saveria, is celebrating her 30th birthday at the Hastings Races on Sunday. I’ve always wanted to go to the races, but I never have. Horse races, fancy clothes, champagne and Saveria. Ugh.

2. If I was going to be in Vancouver for the 8th, I may as well stay an extra day (in my fantasy) right? The Dodos are playing at the Biltmore on September 9th. The Dodos are one of my favourite bands. I thought for sure they would be at Rifflandia, Chris Vickers even led me to believe they would be there via social media (shame dodos-carrier-608x608on you Chris).

3. And finally, Neko Case at the Orpheum on September 20th. I think her voice is a flawless national treasure and that seeing her live could possibly change my life.



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