Stuff I Love: September Edition

shiesedoShiseido BB Cream. Full disclosure, this is my first ever BB cream. They may all be this amazing, but I wouldn’t know. I read about this product and its SPF35 on a blog somewhere and immediately I got it in my head that this was the BB Cream for me and nothing else would ever do. Unfortunately it is not available in Canada, at least last time I checked, however I was able to pick up a tube (bottle?) while on vacation in Portland this summer. If/when it ever makes its way North, you should definitely try it. Unless all BB creams are this great–if that’s the case, what should I use next?

The National Trouble Will Find Me. This album is beautiful. I listen to about 5 times a week, and try not to cry each time. It is by far my favourite of all National albums and I absolutely cannot wait until the 22nd when I get to see them play in Vancouver.trouble will find me

line sweaterMy Line Sweater. I own this sweater. It is my nicest thing. Other than my bed and my computer, it’s the most expensive item I’ve ever purchased. I spent over half a month’s rent on it last fall when I, like, just totally needed something that would make me feel beautiful, you know? No regrets though. I love this sweater.

Sun Salutations. These things are game changers. I was in a car accident early this year and I am certain that my recovery happened as quickly as it did because of these yoga poses. I start my morning with three modified sun salutations, one focusing on my back and one on each hip. It takes about 10 minutes and it absolutely makes a big difference in my day. It gets the blood flowing and my heart beating and wakes me up like a cup of coffee. If I even take a few days off, I feel it (and regret it) almost immediately.


Hell on Wheels. If you’re in the market for a new Netflix addiction, may I suggest Hell on Wheels? It has everything, handsome cowboys, revenge and suspense, and girls with facial tattoos. Try it, at least until Deadwood becomes available.hell on wheels


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