Rifflandia 2013

It’s my third Rifflandia. I’m stoked. The first two years were my during my party-time-hey-day and I don’t recall a whole lot. I attended Riff 1 and Riff 2 as plus ones of an ex and then a friend who were playing the festival. I drank heavily each night because that’s just what I did. Going to a show was as much about hanging out with my friends as it was the music. I heard more than I saw because instead of paying attention I was sitting in whatever area allowed me free beer. This makes me sound sad, but I assure you, I had a lot of fun. My top three memories of Rifflandia are:

  1. Smoking cigarettes in a bathroom stall  with a bunch of girls at Sugar because there were no ins and outs and we didn’t want to miss Pink Mountaintops
  2. Ariel Pink having an overdose on stage at Legends.
  3. Being very sad last year that I didn’t get to see Sloan

This weekend is going to be a very different experience. I’m pretty sure I will remember everything and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be awesome.  There’s a solid line up, I’ve assembled an A+ team AND it’s sunny. Ok. It’s night one. Let’s do this.


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