Long Live Fall

Summer is done now. Thank god. It’s not that I don’t love the sun and the heat and all the fun times to be had, I do, it’s just that it exhausts me. I’ve had a total blast all summer, but I’m the kind of nerdy person who thrives on routine and staying close to home. Since the beginning of June I’ve gone on camping trips to Pender Island and Sombrio. I drove down the West Coast to Portland with the love of my life. I was a Maid of Honour, a bridesmaid and a wedding MC . I celebrated two of my closest friends in their last days of singledom. I had friends and family come visit. I visited my parents in the Cariboo. I saw Mos Def and White Buffalo and went to Rifflandia and to Vancouver for the National. I went to the lake and had dinner with friends and did lots of hiking and drank wine and destroyed more than one series on Netflix. All of this on top of working 55 hours of week and a couple of illnesses that kicked my ass.

I’m ready for the downtime and hibernation that come with the fall. I’m excited to listen to fall music (the National, Okkervil River, the xx, Junip, Kurt Vile, you get what I mean here). I’m excited to turn the heat on in my house and car and smell the smell of burning dust. I’m excited to have chill nights with my best friends who have had equally bonkers summers. I’m excited to spend Saturdays at home alone listening to CBC radio and Sundays with my love eating Thai food and cuddling. I’m excited to have time to get fit again and to cook again. I’m excited to revisit all the hiking trails and restaurants and coffee shops that this city has to offer. I have a couple of adventures planned for the rest of the year but they are few and far between. I’m mostly just excited to sit close to home and enjoy living in the city that I’ve chosen.

I’m so happy for this season.


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