Weekend Away: Vancouver

I spent the last weekend of summer visiting Vancouver. Even though it’s “so close” I always forget what a city it is. You can’t just walk everywhere you want to go. There are more than 5 cool restaurants. The number of beautiful women in fashionable clothes make it hard not to stare. On any given night there are more than 0-2 cool things to do. I don’t think I’ll ever desire to live there, but I do love to visit.

photo (12)Kurt and I headed over on Saturday morning on a Harbour Air flight. Now, maybe it’s their size that allows them the best customer service in the world, but I wish that dealing with all airlines was like dealing with Harbour Air. Once we landed we beelined it to the nearest place that sold food, Starbucks in this case, so I could buy some doughy-wrap thing  to prevent myself from turning into a crazy because I hadn’t eaten in the last hour and 45 minutes. Kurt then left me to go eat Vietnamese subs and play cards in a brewery tasting room with friends while I went to a “work thing” out at UBC. I won’t elaborate on the “work thing” here, mostly just to annoy Jojo.

We had dinner that night with two of Kurt’s friends, Adam and Dana, at the Cannibal Cafe which is definitely related some how to the SNFU song. There was a lot of mohawk and leather at the bar. However, the four of us are not punk rock, and therefore, had to sit in the back corner. In it’s diner-like setting I did not have high hopes for the food, but it was actually really good. The three others had burgers and I had a tuna tataki salad type thing with a side of onion rings, because punk rock. On our way home from dinner, Kurt and I stopped for a night cap of pumpkin beer and yummy cake at St. Augustines before heading back to our fancy hotel.

On Sunday morning we met up with my friends Lizzie and Simon for brunch near their house in Yaletown at the Glowbal Grill. It was a goodnational brunch, great service and a wonderful catch up with dear friends, but the skies didn’t share the love. During our brunch it began to torrential downpour, so Kurt and I gave up an afternoon of Vancouver things and spent most of the day in our fancy hotel bed. The rain finally let up when my beautiful best friend Katie got to town. She has that way about her. Kurt, Katie, Trev and I joined a couple others for dinner at Society in Yaletown. Their drink list was odd to say the least–they don’t have any cider available nor olives to garnish drinks. However, if you’re interested in a giant pile of cotton candy to go atop you martini–no problem! I had the gnocchi; it was good, though bizarrely, I think I might be allergic to gnocchi. And then we went to go see the National. I got to sip some cider, stand next to my best friend and have my boyfriend’s arms around me and listen to one of my favourite bands of 2013 play. It was awesome. There weren’t the magical fireworks in my heart and in my ears that I was secretly hoping for, but oh well. The show was still unreal. To make it even better, I got to meet up briefly with my friend Eric from university after 8 years of communicating only via twitter!Summer 2013 051

Katie, Trev and I rounded out our Vancouver vacation with a brunch at Cafe Medina (Kurt had to get back to work). Or I should say they did. My body retaliated against me and the gnocchi I ate the night before and I had to pass on the waffles and skillets and coffee and just sit there being sad as my friends enjoyed their meals immensely. Oh well. Tummy hatred aside, it was a pretty great way to spend the last weekend of summer.


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