Update: September Budget

So, I wrote a budget and kept track of my money for the first time ever this month. To anyone other than me, not so interesting. To me, crazy! This first month didn’t exactly go as planned, but not in anyway that is interesting enough to write about.

There were a few things that I didn’t anticipate this month–a minor car repair, Prince George being more expensive than I thought, giving a bit extra to charity (ugh, gross). But thanks to some cushion I intentionally added and a super generous boyfriend, it wasn’t so bad at the end of it. It was definitely a lesson learned.

A cool thing that happened this month? I was looking up my student loan balance for the first time in forever (I know, I’m an irresponsible adult) and I only have $220 left to pay! Seriously, that’s a fraction of what I thought it would be.  I’m not sure which month I’ll wipe it out for good quite yet, but it will happen soon!


2 thoughts on “Update: September Budget

    • Thanks for reading! I have to admit, I feel super weird posting my personal budget online. So much so I think I will skip posting all the details this month. 🙂

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