October Cash Money Goals

I posted my September budget on this blog a couple days ago, and I have to admit, I felt kind of weird about it. So weird in fact that I’m not going to do it again, at least this month. I assure you, I am monitoring my little budget-debt-repayment spreadsheet like a mad woman. I will also continue to share my repayment and saving goals and any major monthly spending allocations each month. So, here we go for October….

Phone $630 I did something I maybe shouldn’t have at the end of September. I bought an iPhone5. It’s not something I needed, but it’s something I wanted. It was $400, plus taxes and a case and a prorated bill and a bill from my old (evil) carrier and all of a sudden I’m spending $630 in a month on a phone. Ugh. The good news, starting in November my bills should only be about $55 a month and I now have a phone that will last me 2-3 years.

Debt Repayment $1600 I’m gonna kick this thing.

Shopping/Hair Cut $450 I don’t need to go shopping, but I need to go shopping. My raincoat is one that my mother bought me before I moved to England in 2004. Let’s just say it looks like a jacket a well-meaning middle-aged mother would buy her daughter before she heads out on an academic adventure. I often just opt to get wet. I also need some new clothes. Currently I wear a couple of cardigans on a regular basis that have holes chewed in them from an ex-boyfriend’s bunny (RIP Wilma). I would like some hole-less sweaters that are not 7 years old. Also, now that it’s socially acceptable to wear leggings as pants (thank you whatever comfort loving trendsetter got that going) I should probably buy some that aren’t wearing so thin you can see my butt. And maybe a couple of shirts or dresses. And also a haircut. I know that $450 is a lot of money, but I rarely shop and I need new stuff and I might not spend it all, and, and, and….

Vernon $200 Kurt and I will be heading to Vernon (his home town) for Thanksgiving. I actually doubt I’ll spend $200 as it’s a family visit and Kurt is both so generous and frugal, but I want to be prepared for anything wine over this weekend.

Finally, I just want to point out that I am not actually rich, nor did a miracle occur. October is just a magical three paycheck month which is allowing me to do all the things on this list.


3 thoughts on “October Cash Money Goals

  1. You sound like me re: clothes shopping. I basically rotate the same 5 outfits every week and I’d love to replace most of it. But I usually wear everything out before I shop again… so, this month I’m just looking for one necessity: rain boots. Go get yourself some new ‘duds. If you put that much towards debt, you DO deserve a little somethin’ for you too. Have fun in Vernon 🙂

    • Yeah for rain boots! There are so many cute styles these days that if you invest a bit of money you can have a pair that look good enough for every day boots too. Have fun!

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