Unrequited Love

When I first heard this song, my heart stopped. It was a break up song. I just knew it. I finally had my chance with the Manitoban-genius-poet that is John K. Samson. Why wouldn’t he want to be with a woman twice his size and half his wit who lived three provinces over? This album was released the same week that I had booked some time away in Tofino with my friend Laura. I brought my lap top and used the rain as an excuse to stay indoors and youtube stalk my future life partner. I made her watch endless minutes of the most recently uploaded videos of John K. performing, hoping each one would have a shot of his left hand. Just hoping his ring would be gone.

Finally we came across this one.
Edna and Skinner. Of course.
His genius remained in tact, while my heart remained in want.

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