Gravity and the Cinema

From 2001-2004 I think I saw almost every movie that was released by a major studio.


Raj and I at his wedding last summer.

I grew up in a town where there weren’t many pronounced cliques. There wasn’t a lot of socio-economic discrepancy. There weren’t enough stores for anyone to have much personal style. And there wasn’t enough to do to base your friendships on your hobbies. This meant the people that you spent your time with were your friends because your personalities just clicked. One of my best friends throughout high school was this guy named Raj. In 2000 I moved away to the big city (Calgary) and was introduced to a world of stereotypical social groups that I had only seen in the movies  until this point. While I don’t think I succumbed too much, when Raj moved there in 2001 on a basketball scholarship, his life became very much the life of a star varsity athlete. He was part of a special club that I wasn’t interested in, or invited to, join. For the first time in our lives, hanging out wasn’t super easy. So we started going to the movies every Tuesday. Every Tuesday for three years. It was our standing date and often the highlight of my week. When this era ended, so did my regular movie going. I still go now and then, of course, but not a lot. I miss it and I think it’s time to start going again on the regular…so I went on Tuesday!


I went to see Gravity. A couple weeks ago I asked Kurt who was in it/what it was about. His response, “I don’t know. I just know I want to see it.” This movie had some serious hype. Over all it was good, though I’m glad it was short. It was 99 parts something bad almost happening and 1 part cheesiness (Kurt’s recipe of a Hollywood blockbuster). Visually it was incredible. And my favourite part, it starred Sandra Bullock, a woman, in a strong role that could have just as easily been a man. I could go on and write a more thorough review, but I am bad at reviews and I came across this one from one of my favourite bloggers this morning:

Gravity: A Review

You should read it. And then go see the movie. Or don’t. It`s up to you.


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