Un-Happy Halloween

I’m just going to say it. I hate Halloween. I mean it’s fun for the kids and I love candy and scary movies, but the spectacle that it has become? Ew. And I’m not alone here, anyone who has done their time in the service industry knows that Halloween is part of a family of holidays (also featuring New Years Eve, St. Patricks Day, and Canada Day) that are nothing more than amateur night. Something about these holidays make people wake up thinking they can drink way more than they could the week before. It doesn’t make any sense but I assure you, it happens. Girls cry.  Boys fight. People everywhere puke and pass out. Ugh. It’s the worst.

And, for me, Halloween is the biggest offender of all. I think that it is because of the costumes. When someone is dressed as someone other than themselves, they feel totally comfortable not acting like themselves. The shy become bold, the awkward, cool and the kind, aggressive. I can’t speak scientifically to it, but it’s as though people think that if no one knows who they are, there will be no repercussions to their actions or words. Add this to the herd mentality, the fact that everyone is bolder, louder, meaner and the night just becomes a less fun place to be for those who aren’t participating in the gong-show.

And maybe I’m just being old and grumpy, jaded from years of being berated by people in masks every October 31st because the bar I happened to work in didn’t carry their favourite beer. But as I sit at home tomorrow night, binge eating candy and watching bad horror films I know there isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be.



2 thoughts on “Un-Happy Halloween

  1. You’re not alone. I’ve never worked in the service industry, but have friends and a sister who have/do, and their views are the same. In my opinion, Halloween is just an amped up version of every other Friday and Saturday night at the bar – and even when I drank, I hated the bar, so why would I want to go to one on Halloween? Your night sounds perfect. 🙂

    • I actually ended up going to a close friend’s last minute birthday party, but was told, very strictly it was:

      Drinks and appies

      Of course, by 9pm there were all sorts of people there who were into Halloween good times. I ended up riding the night out in the bedroom with three of the people I actually wanted to hang out with. Haha, I’m so old. 🙂

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