Budget Goals and Experiments

October was weird. My big and important goal was to put $1600 towards debt repayment. Achieved. I spent way less on my shopping spree and my weekend in the Okanagan than I had budgeted, mostly because my boyfriend spoils me rotten. Awesome. I made way less than normal at my side job. Lame. And I managed to spend close to $700 on my “life stuff”. Brutal. I usually spend $400-ish. I know I had a night out with Katie and Megan where I spent $60, and I spent $50 on Banff Mountain Film Festival tickets, but I honestly don’t know where the rest of it went. When I look back at the month of October I don’t recall anything exciting or out of the ordinary, in fact I recall a lot of time sitting on my couch watching Netflix. I hate not knowing, but not knowing is my own fault. I don’t break down or track my spending in the cash/life category, I just lump it all together in one line-item on my little spreadsheet. Well, let me tell you, there will be some changes happening. Check out this categorical break down:

bud1                           bud2

I’m going to track this for (at least) the next four months and then look and the data and then reassess and then go from there. Because I’m a big dork.

I’m a little scared of what this data is going to reveal…Am I as low-maintenance as I think I am? Is Morely (my car) as reliable as I tend to claim? Just what percentage of my salary goes directly to Tim Hortons and Little Thai Place each month and can I set up direct deposits? Time will tell…..


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