Weekend Away: Point No Point

This past weekend I got to take my boyfriend to the Vancouver Island heaven that is Point No Point. This place is magic. If you pnp1aren’t familiar, Point No Point is a rustic resort on the west coast of the island, about an hour out of Victoria. The resort offers basic but clean and comfortable cabins for no small fee. There is no TV, wifi or cell reception, but there is your own two person hot tub and an unbeatable view. On paper it seems crazy that people would be lining up to pay $250 a night for a bare bones cabin (you have to book months in advance), but they do. I did.


Kurt and I left Victoria around noon, excited for our totally excellent adventure. We stopped for lunch in Sooke, which has become a thing for us. This time we tried the Stone Pipe Grill. It was good but not worth writing any more about. We got to Point No Point just after 3pm, hoping to sneak into our cabin early. No dice. So we spent an hour touring the property in the day’s wind storm. There aren’t words. It was amazing. There is something about being amidst crashing waves and gale force winds that just can’t compare. That night we had dinner at the Point No Point Restaurant. It was absolutely exceptional. I’m not a foodie and fine dining is new to me, but this meal made me understand why people take this on as a hobby. We spent the evening in our own little cabin with a fire, a hot tub, snacks and a crib board. We talked about Canadian politics and the ethics of social media and what kind of telescope we would need in order to see Japan.


You can imagine how surprised we were when we woke up the next morning and could actually see Japan. Only it wasn’t Japan, it was America. We are both terrible with geography. Our morning was similar to our evening, with the hot tub and the snacks and the great conversation. Check out was at noon, but we didn’t want to leave. We were grateful for the extra hour daylight savings gave us.

Somewhat unrelated to Point No Point, but worth a mention…on our way back into town we went out to East Sooke for a hike. East Sooke Park might be my favourite spot on the island. It just seems as though the sun is always shining and the wind is always warm and sweet. The East Sooke Coastal Trail is definitely my favourite hike (you can read a great blog post about it here). We didn’t commit to the full 10km that day as we didn’t have the time (3-7 hours depending on your fitness level), the 2 cars (you need one at Aylard Farms and one at Pike Road) or the energy (it’s not just a walk in the woods). But we did hike for about an hour and were reminded for the 1 millionth time that weekend why we love living on the West Coast.


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