Captain Phillips


As per my new quasi-tradition of going to the movies every Tuesday, this week I went to see Captain Phillips. This was, hands down, the best movie I have seen in a long time. Since Hunger Games probably. I have very sophisticated taste in film.

Before I rave and personalize too much, I just want to acknowledge two things about the movie, just so some know-it-all doesn’t acknowledge them for me:

1. While the movie gives a little bit of back story to Muse and his fellow Somali’s, there is not enough. To me it was easy to sympathise with the pirates, to understand that they were villains of circumstance, not pure villains but perhaps that should have been more obvious? Perhaps the producers movie should have devoted a little more time to how Muse and his crew got to where they were.

2. The US Navy Seals coming in to save the day were totally overkill. Especially the Negotiator, who was the most stereotypical US Navy guy that has ever existed. But really, what can you expect? It’s an American made blockbuster film.


Ok. Sorry to be so negative. This movie was seriously the best. It’s the true story of Captain Richard Phillips and his crew on the Maersk Alabama and the pirates who attack them. Each side makes a series of choices resulting in a captivated and emotionally invested audience. I have no idea how to write a movie review.

I may have been especially emotionally invested because in the opening scene, Tam Hanks (aka Captain Phillips) is shown getting ready to head to sea wearing FLEECE ON FLEECE! Yes! A fleece sweater AND a fleece vest. This is my dad’s number 1 outfit. Therefore, for the rest of the movie I couldn’t help but equate Captain Phillips with my dad. Even though my dad was a high school history teacher and not a boat captain, he is clever and courageous and I like to think he would have made some of the same choices–the best choices! I also thought a lot about my friend Megan throughout this movie because two of her favourite things are cooperation and trying your best. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love those things too. And this movie has a lot of both, so much so that if you’re like Megan or I, you will probably cry several times.

Tom Hanks

And finally. Tom Hanks. He deserves 15 Oscars for the last 20 minutes of the movie alone. I’m crying again just thinking about it. I hope he wins, Kurt does too though he thinks Sandra Bullock will take it. Either he doesn’t know how the Oscars work or I don’t, but at the end of the day I don’t think it really matters.

I realize I have done a very poor job of reviewing Captain Phillips. Oh well. Just go see it because it is the best.


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