Deltron 3030

Heard of Deltron 3000? Of course you haven’t. It’s not a thing. But, as I’m continuously unable to grasp the concept of cool, that’s what I’ve been calling the supposed hip hop super group Deltron 3030 for the last few weeks. Fortunately for me and my rep, the only person I’ve been socializing with these days is Katie and she doesn’t judge.

If Deltron 3000 were a band, it would consist of 3 talented-yet nerdy-middle-aged guys, who peaked in the 90’s but decided to tour in 2013 for nostalgia’s sake. For this tour they would hire a backing band from the East Van metal scene, just to “mix it up” a touch. But Deltron 3000 is not a band.

My opinion of Deltron 3030 is an unpopular one after their sold out show on Tuesday, so I’ll keep it to myself.


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