Financial Field Notes

Some thoughts on money from the past month. 

1. Being a woman is expensive. I did some math and I think I spend over $600 a year on moisturizer, eye cream, make-up and various other concoctions that may or may not make me more beautiful. The total is over $1000 if I add visits to my hair stylist and esthetician to the tally. While I’m not entirely uncomfortable with amount, it can be a bit stressful to run out of three things in the same month like I did in November.

2. I paid off all my debts this past month and it was anti-climactic. I think I’ll feel excited about it in December when I’m not paying those bills, but for now it just feels the same.

3. I need to work on finding a balance between budgeting and being spontaneous. At the beginning of November I felt so confident that I’d have the month dialled, at least financially. Then Paul Simon tickets went on sale. And then I ran out of a few beauty products. And then a couple friends announced they would be coming into town. And then my boyfriend suggested to me, half jokingly, that I take him out for dinner and I just about burst into tears. I try not to practise zero-based budgeting just so fun surprises don’t turn into financial stresses, but I also don’t make tons of money. It doesn’t take that many surprises to take me down to zero. I need to find ways to cut down on day to day spending so I can do fun, spontaneous things without stress.

4. The first place I’m going to start cutting back on is food and drink. Looking at the amount of money I eat and drink every month is, well, borderline traumatizing.



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