Nelson Mandela

On December 5th 2013 one of the greatest human beings of the last century passed away.

Of course I’m talking about Nelson Mandela. What this man accomplished in his life time, “freeing not just the prisoner but the jailor as well” (spoken oh so eloquently by Barack Obama) is enough to move even the most hardened hearts.

Today, December 10th 2013, only 5 days after his passing, I could not believe it when I heard prominent Canadians on the CBC news whining and complaining that none of their countrymen were invited to speak at his memorial. Five Days. 

Seriously Canada, could you be any more uncouth? You’re like the kid crying at the party because he has less sparkles on his cupcake then the birthday boy. Stop embarrassing yourself and let the world mourn this remarkable man, his exceptional life and the permanent mark he has made on human kind.



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