Some things to consider before you go out to eat

1. Your server is literally being paid to be nice to you. Consider this before asking her for a date. I’m not saying she will say no, but just think about it–she earns her living from laughing at your jokes.

2. Chances are your server makes minimum wage and has no say in the way the restaurant is run. She probably isn’t involved in the menu selection or how much of what item is ordered. It’s not her fault the restaurant is out of halibut or the lamb stew got taken off the menu two and a half years ago. Also a “fake” pout because they are out of your chosen item is very unbecoming of an adult.
3. Your server probably has to tip out about 5% of the bill to the house. Your 10% tip means 5% for her.  If you tip her nothing then she paid out of her own pocket to serve you. I’m not saying that customers should be supplementing low wages, but this is how the game is played at the moment.
4. That said, if the service is bad, you don’t have to tip. You can also complain to the manager. But if you choose to berate and humiliate your server in front of the other customers, you’ll look like an idiot. And if this is your choice of action, you probably are.
5. Even if you don’t live in a small town, it’s a small world. Be kind. Maybe your server is also a teacher and you have a jerk kid. Or maybe she’s about to become a nurse and your mother-in-law isn’t the sweetest of ladies. Or maybe she’s about to buy a house and you’re a mortgage broker who wants her business. The possibilities are endless. Life is hard these days and many young professionals hold second jobs during the first few years of their careers. You never know when your paths might cross again, so don’t be mean, servers never forget mean people. They also point them out to the rest of the staff.
6. If you’re not ready to order and you say you’re ready to order but just talk really slowly while you make your decision, you are the worst. End of story.

2 thoughts on “Some things to consider before you go out to eat

  1. I actually just had a conversation with someone today concerning #1. On a different level, though.
    How confusing it is for me, a regular of an establishment, to tell the difference between friendship and service.

    Anyway, a nice read! 🙂

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