My 2013

I wasn’t going to do one of these, because really, who cares? But I love reading them so I decided to do one anyway.

So, 2013. It wasn’t without its challenges, that’s for sure. I felt over worked a lot, I had some health problems and insomnia and anxiety that turned certain months into struggles. But over all it was pretty amazing. I started dating my dream man. I went on all sorts of trips and saw some great bands. I got to stand up at two of my closest friend’s weddings. I reconnected with some important people. I spent a ton of time outside and ate some great food with wonderful company. It was a good, full year.

January I began the year continuing my three-year-run of making bad life choices when it came to matters of the heart. I wondered if I would ever learn. When I had nothing left to lose I went on a coffee date with a guy I knew only from Twitter and Instagram. Weird, right? Super weird. Also weird how well it went.

February I went wedding dress shopping. Twice. Neither time for myself. As a legitimate fan of Say Yes to the Dress, it did not disappoint. I displayed proof of my immaturity when I contrived a secret plan with Katie to go see Built to Spill in the hopes that I would run into my internet crush there. I did not run into him there, but we had coffee the week before, so I’m going to say the plan worked. I got my first taste of what it would be like to date the kindest and most romantic man on the planet.

March Kurt (the guy) and I took an Easter road trip to Seattle. The thing I love about Seattle is that it can be whatever you want it to be. When Katie and I were there we wanted a party, and that’s what we got. When I went for a weekend alone hoping to find some sense and peace, it gave me that too. And when Kurt and I went over Easter, that city may as well have been Paris it was so romantic. Also, I ate so much Easter candy I made myself sick.

April Kurt introduced me to his friends on a weekend trip to Vancouver. I drank too much coffee on the ferry and had to ask them to pull over on the ride into the city so I could pee in a bush. Not exactly the kind of first impression I wanted to make, but they were really nice about it. I ran the TC10K. It wasn’t a personal best, but it has become a tradition amongst my friends and I to make it one of the best days of the year.

May I turned 31. I got a mole removed and was told it was basil cell carcinoma and vowed to make sunscreen my religion. I went to Vancouver to see Shotgun Jimmy with Kurt and Fleetwood Mac with Amy. I cried at one of those shows, but not both. I bought some hats because I decided I wanted to be the kind of woman who wore hats.

June I got a significant raise at my dream job, making the possibility of quitting my side hustle an actual reality. Kurt and I spent a weekend on Pender Island with friends and I learned what glamping was: eating out in fancy restaurants and spending the days lounging by the resort pool drinking beer, returning to your campsite only to sleep. Or something like that. We celebrated Lizzie before she became a wife in true Lizzie style–a roof top garden party, jazz, and Korean kareoke.

July I started taking digestive enzymes with every meal and my life got exponentially better. I struggled with the harshest insomnia I’ve ever experienced. Kurt tolerated this and me like a champion as we drove down the west coast of America and into the amazing city that is Portland. We ate and ate and ate and swam in the Columbia River. I celebrated single Chelsea before she became married Chelsea, taking her to drink wine and soak in a seaside mineral pool. I stood next to Lizzie as she married her love, Simon.

August I took Kurt up through the beautiful and haunted Cariboo to meet my parents at their lake front home in the middle of nowhere. I devastated him over and over again as I continued to win all the board games. He, Megs and I saw White Buffalo, one of my favourite concerts of the year, partly because of the music and partly because of the people watching. I started sharing my thoughts and feelings here on the internet.

September I brought Kurt to my home town of Prince George and I stood beside Chelsea as she married the love of her life, Matt. I showed Kurt all the best spots and did my best to convince him the town was a diamond in the rough. Unsure as to whether I succeeded. We did Rifflandia right. Corb Lund was my favourite, though I was too self-conscious to sing along. We went to Vancouver with Katie and Trev to see the National, which was beautiful but didn’t move my heart how I wanted it too.

October Kurt took me to Vernon to meet his family, see his hometown and explore the beautiful Okanagen. He spoiled me yet again with a night at the outrageous Sparkling Hill Resort. So. Many. Sparkles. We saw the Sadies play and I had one of those perfect nights out where everyone is happy and nothing is awkward and all the best people are there.

November I saw so much good music–Lindi Ortega, Deltron 3030 and Lightening Dust–and felt nostalgic for a time in my life when it was normal go out this much, when it was my life to see live music. But then I felt tired and the nostalgia passed. I paid off my debt, much of which I incurred when it was my life to see live music. I took Kurt to Point No Point, in the fall it is one of the most magical spots on Vancouver Island.

December I walked a fine line between having a breakdown and not having a breakdown. So much work. So much family. So many festivities. So very little sleep. I quit my waitressing job and began to feel like I could breath again. I spent Christmas and New Years with the people in my life who demonstrate that, for me, water can be thicker than blood. I closed out the year feeling so grateful for everything.

And now, on to 2014!


4 thoughts on “My 2013

  1. That’s quite a year you’ve had! I used to live in Seattle for eight years and all that band talk reminds me so much of the time period of my 20’s. I saw SO many bands in Seattle! I’m dealing with a little insomnia now and have had it before so I understand what a nightmare it is! Hope this is a great year for you! I’d love to meet my dream guy at some point..uh hopefully soon. I’m just very lazy about it. Hate internet dating! 🙂

    • Haha, I dated my fair share of brooding and, kind of mean, musicians/creative-types before landing this dream man, that’s for sure! Once I recognized my “type” and actively tried not to date that guy any more things went a lot better.

      Have you found anything that helps with insomnia? I feel like I’ve tried everything….

      • Listening to podcasts on top of some OTC meds is helping. I think last night was the first night I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night. Hopefully this trend continues. I still might ask my doctor for just a few ambien for a few nights before my race so I can sleep soundly. I’m sure the night before the race I won’t be able to sleep a wink.

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