Current Fantasies

Remember early November? I do. One of my many foot-in-mouth moments of that month was a comment I made to my boyfriend on our drive home from Point No PointNow we don’t have to go anywhere again for a long, long time  I declared, definitely in a grumpy tone. I was just so over leaving Victoria. I wanted to stay in my warm little house and hang out with my close friends and follow my comfortable routine and nothing else.

Well, things change. Now, I cannot wait until the next time I get off this rock. And I will get off this rock, in good time, to some pretty cool places too. But until that first February trip to Vancouver (to hang with my man Paul Simon) I’ll just have to sit tight with my fantasies.

Hike the Inca Trail. Shortly after my 29th birthday, I started announcing loudly and frequently that for my 30th I would be in Peru hiking the Inca Trail. I invited all my friends to join me, several showed interest, one committed. As my birthday loomed, my friend suggested we postpone six months. This worked for me as I had $0 saved for the trip. The six months came and went but my $0 bank balance never grew. Needless to say, the hike didn’t happen but it is still #1 on my travel bucket list.


Cross-Canada Road Trip. I drove across Canada once in the early 90’s in a Volkswagen van with my family. It was all right, though my super annoying little brother kept crossing the invisible line I had drawn along the back seat. I’ve always wanted to do this trip again, minus the van, the parents and the little bro. A couple years ago some of my closest friends moved to Newfoundland so I now have the best excuse ever to make the trip. But as incredible as this vacation will be, it will require some serious time and money, neither of which I have buckets of.  I was seriously contemplating it for this summer, but I’ve had some cool opportunities for travel come my way recently (including to my favourite city), so this is another one I will have postpone, at least for now.


Hawaii. I just really want to go here, for like 2 weeks. Katie and Trev are heading to Maui right after Paul Simon and it’s so hard not be crazy-jealous. I just want to lie on the beach and smell the flowers and have the easiest and most beautiful vacation of life. Sigh.


What are your current travel fantasies?


6 thoughts on “Current Fantasies

  1. One big trip that I’d like to take is Croatia/Slovenia. It’s been on my list for some time, followed closely by Ireland/Scotland. But really I’m open to going anywhere! I am going to Iceland in March which I’m really excited about, and plan on going to Austin in April. I could always go back to Hawaii though. I have a friend who lives in Oahu now so I have a place to stay!

    • All amazing places. Especially Iceland! Wow, that will be amazing. Could you extend the length of your trip in spend some time travelling within Europe? It would be so much cheaper…And have fun in Austin, I’ll be there in March and I cannot wait!

  2. Mine: hike across the North Cascades to Stehekin, climb the Ptarmigan Traverse, explore the Pasayten, spend a few nights in Terror Basin, and stand on top of Mt Shuksan. 🙂

    • I’m from Vancouver Island and I just had to google all of those places….and they all look so great! It’s awesome how thoroughly you’re exploring your own backyard (presuming you live in the PNW).

  3. Take me on your cross-Canada road trip! Sigh. That’s at the top of my list but, like you said, I can’t imagine I’ll ever have 3 weeks off where I could actually make it happen.

    I’d love to spend a few weeks in the UK. My dad’s parents immigrated to Canada from England, had their kids here, then moved to Wales – so I’d love to visit at least both of those countries. And then I’d also love to spend a few weeks in Bali just… doing nothing.

    • Wouldn’t that trip be the best? And to temp me even more, my parents told me I could take their new fuel-efficient car to Newfoundland and fly home….they would fly out and drive it back for their own fun trip. Ahhh…so tempting!

      Do you think you’ll do either England or Bali this year? Or both? 🙂 You could maybe arrange some sort of layover/working holiday dream trip?

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