I met my boyfriend on Twitter

I must have joined twitter sometime in 2010. I joined because my friend Jen told me to and stayed because all my favourite bloggers were there, the people were funny and it was a great way to get the news. Like anyone new to anything, especially twitter, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing. I was grateful for the handful of people who engaged with me early on with likes and @ replies, making me feel like I was doing it right. FYI I know what I dork I sound like to non twitter people. Kurt (@kurtbronson) was one of these people. Because of this, he stood out to me right away. Also because I thought his little picture was cute and he was really funny. He stood out, but that’s all. Nothing more.


Life for me (and him) went on, as it does. I dated people in real life. So did he. We chatted a bit online every now and then, mostly about music, but that was it.
One day in May 2012 I woke up with the realisation that it had been over 8 months since I’d even had a date and the motivation to do something about it. I started asking people out…over social media of course, I’m not that brave. I sent out all sorts of messages to the guys I’d met in passing through work or hobbies or wherever. Not one of them said yes. Literally none of them. In fact, not one of them even responded to me! You’d think I’d be discouraged, but I didn’t really care, I had nothing invested in any of these men. Any discouragement I felt was because I was running out of people to ask for a date. Then I remembered that cute, funny guy from twitter. Because we had never even met before I thought I’d try to open the conversation in a flirty way and see where that might take us. I sent him a link to an Os Mutantes song and was like, Oh hey there. I was listening to this the other day and I thought you might like it. His response? Oh. Thanks. Why are you sending me this? Right. And I went back to pursuing men I met in real life.
In late 2012 Kurt and I started engaging more than we ever had. Liking every Instagram pic, DM’ing about the perks of living alone, faving all sorts of tweets. Again, I know I’m a dork.  At the time I was 100% sure he was e-courting me. As it turns out I was 200% not even on his radar at the time. Then one day in late January we spent the day DM’ing back and forth about music and life and nothing and everything. As my friends and I extensively internet stalked him, trying to get a glimpse of what he might look like beyond his little avatar, he realised he may as well take a chance and asked me for hot chocolate. On Monday January 28th, we met. Then we had dinner that Wednesday and then again on Sunday. And then a couple of times every week since then. This past Tuesday was our one year anniversary, and when I had to cancel our fancy dinner plans due to illness, he showed up at my place with four bouquets of flowers and Thai takeout. Yes, I know how lucky I am.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
I’ll admit that life before Kurt was awesome. I was single for years (minus a few months here and there) and for the most part, I loved everything about it. I promised myself I wouldn’t get involved with someone unless they made my life more awesome, and the bar was high. Kurt blew that bar away, far, far, away. He’s even better than the guys in the movies. And I met him on Twitter. Who would have thought?

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