Happy Monday

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday, but I had yesterday off and today feels like Monday so I’m just going to run with it. Cool? Cool. I needed yesterday off too, we had a super fun celebration for Katie’s 30th birthday. It’s definitely safe to say that good times were had by all.

For your eyes: There was an  article in the Globe and Mail a couple weeks ago that I haven’t stopped thinking about, a childless couple got hate mail for posting too many vacation pictures on their Facebook. I know of women who have left Facebook while trying to conceive because the constant stream of ultrasound and baby pictures was just too much to handle, but I’ve never considered that the animosity could go the other way. This was an interesting read and offered a perspective I had never thought of.

For your ears: Sticking with the Facebook theme, if you’re a user of the social platform you probably know this past week they celebrated their 10 year anniversary. In addition to those personalized videos that no one watched, they shared 10 celebration stories, and the non profit I work for was featured as one of them! It was definitely an exciting week around the office.

For your health: For some time now I’ve been keen to get back into yoga. The number one thing preventing me? The cost, obviously. I just knew I couldn’t (wouldn’t) make the time to go often enough to get my money’s worth. I was doing free classes on youtube and many of them were good, but even more were either so bad in their quality of instruction or video that it wasn’t worth it. Then I stumbled upon yogaglo.com. I’ve been going through a 15 day free trail, but I’m going to start paying for it ($18 a month) because it’s a great service. They have classes of all styles and levels and it is so easy to find one that is right for you. Say you have 30 minutes and want to open your hips, there are 38 classes for you to chose from. Say you have 60 minutes and want to get energized, there are 31 different options. It’s great, there really is something for everyone!

For the win: Way back in May 2005 I got a job as a waitress at Swans Brewpub. It was a great job for many reasons, but most of all for the people. It was there I met many of my best friends to this day, including Katie and Elexa, both of whom celebrated their birthdays this week. On Wednesday we went to Japanese Village for Elexa’s 28th birthday and on Sunday we celebrated Katie’s 30th at The Guild. Both were amazing nights. It was so great to celebrate these incredible women who I love so much.


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