Love songs that used to be my love songs

The Sweetest Thing by U2

This was me and my high school sweetheart’s song. I have brown eyes, he has blue. He loved U2. I hated them but could tolerate this song. To two 16-year-olds that seemed to make it the perfect choice.

Black by Pearl Jam

He was a 24-year-old unemployed philosophy grad with rock star fantasies. I was 18. To me he was a dream. I used to sit in the bathtub and listen to him belt this song out, because according to him, the bathroom had the best acoustics.

Into My Arms by Nick Cave
This song always made me think of him, partly because it is beautiful and partly because it was the only music we listened to that wasn’t Dido or punk rock.
Bonnie and Clyde by Beyonce and Jay-Z
This was not my choice. I was voting for Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson. I think I once heard that this song is about a gun.
You Really Got A Hold on Me by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
This wasn’t officially our song, but during the two years we were together it was in my head constantly. Never before has a song captured my feelings for someone better than this one.

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