Some love lessons I’ve learned

1. Just because someone is your best friend, doesn’t mean it’s going to work out romantically, but the guy it works out romantically with will be your best friend.

2. If diamond fireworks go off and sparkly butterflies fly the first time you lock eyes, well, that means nothing. You are not destined to be together or guaranteed magical compatibility. Don’t let those butterflies and fireworks carry more weight than they’re worth.

3. Honesty is the only thing. Of course you shouldn’t say you’re cool with casual when you want more, or vice versa. But you also have to be honest about your needs. I’m a weirdo and need a lot of space and a lot of affection at the same time. In the past I’ve downplayed one or the other, always with hurtful results. Honesty is best.

4. Like it or not, you have a type. And if you date different versions of the same aloof and grumpy creative genius over and over again and it never works out, why not try your hand at the super positive and funny guy with kind eyes who possesses both ambition and tenderness? Not to personalize or anything.

5. “Guys like us, we enthral and then we disappoint.” — Ted Danson’s character in the first episode of Bored to Death. This is an actual breed of man that exists in life. They are the worst.

6. The female half of one of the best relationships I know has said that no matter how she feels, she will always try to fix her hair or throw on some blush before her husband gets home. She knows how lucky she is and she wants him to get the best version of herself. If you have a partner who makes you feel so lucky every single day, you have to put a little extra effort in. Give longer back rubs, make home cooked meals, show your appreciation and treat them the way they deserve. I need to do this more.

7. There are a lot of awesome things about being single, most notably, doing whatever the f*ck you want. Take advantage of that, because you’re not going to be single forever. Tomorrow might be the day you meet the love of your life.

8. The Price of Admission from Dan Savage. This short video changed my life. Everyone who is in a relationship or ever wants to be should watch this video:


8 thoughts on “Some love lessons I’ve learned

    • Isn’t that video just the best? I remember the first time I watched it, something just clicked. I was happily single for so long and had everything in my life just how I wanted it, I think it made me a bit inflexible and a lot set in my ways….to loosen up in that area is still an ongoing goal!

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