The Cave Singers

Still reeling from Thursday’s blow, last night Kurt and I got to feel just how much great food, friends and music can alter your mood. Megan, who makes the best pizza in the world, had us and some other friends over for a pizza party. Then the 5 of us headed to Sugar Nightclub to see one of my favourite touring bands of right now–The Cave Singers. I love them. They’re the perfect combination of folk and roots and foot stomping rock and I was grateful to be there last night.

I just want to add that Sugar has become one of my favourite live music venues on the island. The sound, once notoriously bad, has improved drastically. And so have the washrooms since the renovationss. There are lots of great vantage points. And because it’s a club now, the live shows are early, which rules because I’m old and love being home by midnight.


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