Happy Monday

So this last week wasn’t the best, as I’ve amply whined and complained about both on this blog and in life. It’s time to move on, right? Right. Aside from the let down, some great things have happened over the last seven days: I finally got to meet Cait, whose blog has inspired me for almost a year now. I spent some quality time with Kurt’s mom who was in town for the failed home purchase. I was able to channel the stress and anxiety I was feeling into my first 10km trail run in months. And I had a great Saturday night with good food, good music and great friends, which always changes things for me.

For your eyes: Working in international development, I often find myself facing those who theoretically oppose my work, which totally baffles me. More often than not these are people who learned about aid in the 80’s and 90’s when much of its infrastructure was broken and haven’t taken to time to understand it’s updated models. Enter Bill and Melinda Gates. In the 2014 Gates Annual Letter they dispel many common myths about international development in both an accessible and credible way.

For your ears: A cool thing about living so close to Seattle is having access to their awesome music scene when their bands go on tour, bands like the Cave Singers who graced Victoria on Saturday night.

For your health: I started my 10km training this week by doing my first 10km run in months. It took me 1 hour and 25 minutes. Any slower and I was running the risk of being passed by people out walking their dogs, but whatever, I had fun.

For the win. On Sunday night I went tothis beautiful home  to eat, drink, reminisce and just be with other people who have left parts of their hearts in Uganda over the years. I’ve had the privileged of exploring one of the most beautiful countries in the world with some of the greatest people and it’s so nice to be in their company every  now and then.


2 thoughts on “Happy Monday

    • Thanks! It was a great run, I (almost) didn’t want it to end. I love long-slow runs, they are my sweet spot for sure. Have you been able to get out running again?

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