Weekend Away: Vancouver

So, lucky me, I got to visit Vancouver three times in February, which was awesome because Vancouver is awesome. One trip was just a quickie for work, but on the other two I got to spend some time with friends as well as see, do and eat some great things. Every time I’m there I’m reminded of world class city Vancouver is.

Sushi at General Public This is not at all traditional sushi. It’s not clean. It’s not healthy. But holy cow is it ever good–they add all sorts of creamy sauces and deep fried goodness to their rolls and it does not dispoint. Plus the decor is rad and the sake margaritas are yummy. Thanks to Adam for taking us here. He knows all the best places.

White Denim at the Biltmore White Denim is a super cool bluesy-rock band from Austin and they are so good. The Biltmore is cool too. And they become a club on Saturday nights, so live shows are early and old people like me can go home before midnight. It’s lame that I spent more time praising the early show than the actual band. I shouldn’t have. White Denim rules in the dirty-jam-band-pure-rock-and-roll way.

Dinner and beers at The Famous Warehouse This place is cool. All food is $5 and it’s really good food. I had the fish tacos, obviously and they were great. The beer is good too, though it’s normal priced. I’d definitely like to go here again. Again, thanks Adam.

Paul Simon and Sting at Rogers Arena There aren’t even words. Paul Simon is perfect and my heart melts every time he sings. Sting was good too. Seeing Paul was on my bucket list and will absolutely be one of the musical highlights of the year.

Lunch with my Grandma at Cheshire Cheese in the Lonsdale Quay I love my Grandma but I did not like this restaurant. My sandwich had way too much butter. It’s a very Grandma-friendly place however. Also, I treated her to lunch which means I’m the favourite for about another 6 months.

Date night at Banana Leaf on Davie I liked it here. The food was good, the service exceptional, but more than both of these things it was just a great date with Kurt.

Hope, BC My friend Lizzie and I braved the rare Vancouver snow storm and drove out to Hope to visit our close friend Saveria and her beautiful family, including 5-week-old Vivian. Before Saveria made Hope her home, to me it was just a place to get gas, but if you have the time to spare, this is a beautiful little city, especially in the summer time. Wow. Rambo was filmed here too, in case that helps you make the trip.

Breakfast for dinner at Red Wagon Cafe This place is pretty cool if you like diners and breakfast. I had the grilled cheese, but I should have had the pancakes.

Harbour Air I hope I’m not shooting myself in the foot by sharing this, but if you value your time and would prefer the 30 minute flight to the 5-hour ferry/drive to get from Victoria to Vancouver, check out the Harbour Air website on Thursday afternoons. Crazy sales. Just please don’t take the last seat on the next flight I try to get on.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Away: Vancouver

    • I’ve heard of this place! I’ve always wanted to go there but have been deterred by the long lines…I’ve heard that a week day at lunch is the best bet, so I’m holding out for that!

  1. I work downtown so once in awhile I will have lunch at the Warehouse. You can’t beat $5 bucks for everything! I just don’t eat there that often because I always feel slightly out of place in my preppy clothes while everyone in there seems so hip! 😛

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