Continued: Paycheck Eating

Last month I publicly lamented that I spent $756 on food and drinks in January. My rent is $800. I ate (and drank) almost as much as it cost me to live. Man. Most bloggers who talk about this kind of thing spend less than $400 on food and drinks. Clearly I’ve got a lot to learn. So I set a February food and drinks goal at a less than modest $585. I spent $583, so now I think I’m awesome.

Groceries $271 (down $115 from January) I’m so excited about this, but how I did it is embarrassing. Basically I put an end to my 5-tub a week habit of Island Farms Mango French Vanilla Yogurt. Seriously. I was spending $30 a week on yogurt. It’s practically worse than smoking. My life is less delicious these days, but I’m richer for it.

Coffee $15 (-$18) It was easy. I bet I can get this number even lower in March, especially if I win more roll up the rims.

Out for Drinks $73 (+$21) I’m embarrassed to say this was in one night. Believe me, I paid for it.

Drinks at Home $0 (-$19) I definitely want a glass of wine most evenings, but it’s not necessary. Cutting out an evening glass of wine is my own way of cutting daily lattes out of my budget. NB: I’m drinking a glass of wine as I write this. Nobody’s perfect.

Restaurants $103 (+$51) I knew February would be kind of expensive in this area so it’s all good. I treated Kurt to an amazing dinner at Japanese Village for Elexa’s birthday. Katie and I grabbed sushi before her 30th birthday celebration. And Laura and I went out for soup. That’s it. Though I should note, Kurt treated me to dinner several times and the times I ate out in Vancouver were included in my separate travel budget, so to say I only had my butt in restaurant seats 3 times in February wouldn’t be the truth at all.

Take Out $54 (-$28) I’m down from last month, but still, I sucked at this category. Again.

Treats $17 (+$3) I don’t even remember eating a single treat, so I can’t speak to this….

Host/Guest $50 (-$33) I’m down here this month, which is great, but really I don’t care. I’m happy with whatever this number is. Spending evenings with friends is so important to me, my mental health and my happiness. I’m happy to bring food to a potluck, host a dinner, or bring a bottle of wine to a girls night if it means getting to spend quality time with the people I love most.


4 thoughts on “Continued: Paycheck Eating

  1. Isn’t it nuts how quickly the cost of eating adds up? This is my big problem area too, so I know exactly what you’re going through! Some months I’m so on top it, I spend less than $300 total – and other months it’s more than my rent. Keep paying attention to you’re spending and cutting back where you can/where you want to and you’ll eventually find a happy balance 🙂

    • It’s totally nuts! $300 is unreal though, even if it’s not every month. I struggle keeping just my groceries under that. I think my ultimate goal is $550, which is so much hire than other bloggers! I honestly don’t know how they do it. My entire social life revolves around food and drink.

      • Lifestyle is a big factor that’s not always considered. For example, when my boyfriend and I first started dating, our “alcohol” spending went through the roof! But now that we live together, it’s a fraction of what it used to be. And to be honest, I don’t regret spending a dime 🙂

      • You’re totally right….so much of my lifestyle revolves around food and coffee and drinks. Haha. I guess it’s just about cutting out the unnecessary stuff to keep room for all the great stuff.

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