Out of Country


Thanks for visiting The Love of Gadgetry! Between now and mid-April there will be limited posts, if any, as I’m going to be on the trip of a lifetime. Over the next three weeks I’ll be travelling by boat, plane, rental car, Land Rover, bus and train through Seattle, San Antonio, Austin, Pointe Noire (Congo) and Paris. During this time I want to have my face in a computer as little as possible and my mind and heart fully open and aware to whatever is currently going on around me.

If you’re my mom and/or care about this kind of thing, here is a little break down of where I’ll be over the next three weeks:

Day 1: Victoria –> Seattle A relaxing kick off to a wonderful three weeks. I’ll be travelling, eating, and hanging out with Kurt who will be joining me on most of the trip.

Day 2: Seattle–>Austin–>San Antonio Less relaxing, I’m sure, but no less fun. Curious/terrified to see how Kurt handles the freeways of Texas.

Days 3-5:  In San Antonio I’ll be attending the AFP International Conference, meeting and learning from some of the best minds in non-profit leadership, fundraising and communications. I’ll listen to Steve Wosniak speak and represent my chapter at leadership meetings and get so many great ideas I’ll be busy at work for months to come. Hopefully I’ll also get to check out the Alamo and the Riverwalk. Meanwhile, Kurt will be watching so much basketball.

Days 6-8: San Antonio–>Austin In Austin Kurt and I will be eating many tacos and listening to so much live music. I’ll also be quietly hoping with my whole heart that an old cowboy will ask me to dance.

Days 9-11 Austin–>Salt Lake City–>Seattle–>Victoria–>Seattle–>Paris–>Pointe Noire. Travel. So much plane time. Pray that I manage to sleep at least a few hours here and there, as I’m normally way too high strung to sleep on planes.

Days 12-17: In Point Noire, Congo I’ll be visiting the world’s largest volunteer driven hospital ship and getting to meet the some of the patients whose lives have been utterly transformed by the work of incredible volunteers. I’ve been advocating and raising money for this organization for almost two years now, so I’m so happy to get to see everything first hand.

Days 18-22 Pointe Noire–>Paris Finally in Paris I will just be in love, holding hands with my boyfriend (who is meeting me there) and wandering around the most romantic city in the world.

Day 23: Paris–>Seattle–>Victoria By now I’m sure I’ll be so happy to be home.

Cool trip, eh?




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