Happy Monday

Home sweet home. The last three weeks of my life have been unbelievable: I attended a conference in San Antonio and then ate my way through Austin (one of my all time favourite cities) with my cool boyfriend Kurt and some other great people. Literally 8 hours after I arrived home, I was out the door again and en route to Pointe Noire, Congo to visit the world’s largest hospital ship and chat with patients and volunteers alike. It was unreal and I’ve never been more proud of the organization that I work for. And then from  Pointe Noire, I flew to Paris to meet Kurt for a week of exploring and even more eating. I know, right? Amazing trip, but more about that in the coming days….

Now I’m just happy to be home. Three weeks is a long time to be away from everything. I truly love my job and I’m eager to dive back into it and begin catching up. I’ve missed my friends and I’m anxious to see their beautiful faces in the coming days and weeks. And–I know I’m a total dork here–but I’m completely elated to get back to my routine with a normal bedtime, healthy eating and regular exercise. Like seriously excited.

For your eyes I’ll be honest, other than the 2 books I read on my trip, I haven’t done much reading outside of some blog posts read on my iPhone. While I always look forward to what Cait has to say, I particularly loved this post from a few weeks ago: My Perfect Day (In 5 Years). You can’t read this post and not think about what you want your life to be like in 5 years (try, I dare you), such a cool exercise in goal setting and visualization.

For your ears On Thursday night in Paris I got to see Kurt Vile and he was incredible. But just as good as Vile was the opener, Paul Jenkins, the singer from Black Heart Procession. This is the only Black Heart Procession song that I knew before Thursday, but after Jenkins’ performance I’m excited to listen to more.

For your health There has been no health in my life over the last few weeks. None. Other than a ton of walking, I’ve done absolutely no exercise in the past three weeks. I’ve also been eating in restaurants (and planes, ew) and not holding back whatsoever.  I got on the scale yesterday for the first time in forever–156–about 10-15 lbs more than I’m at my most comfortable. I’ve got work to do. Stay tuned.

For the win The trip was amazing from start to finish, but there is nothing better than being home.

Have a great week!



3 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. Wow what an amazing adventure. And I totally get the need to want to get back to a fitness, sleep, and eating routine. Heck if I’m gone for a WEEK I can’t wait to get back to that! I want to know more about Austin! It’s still on my possible place to move list.

    • It was awesome! I’m in the middle of a Texas blog post….hard trying to find time between life catch up. 🙂 It’s coming though! By the way….I loved you Iceland updates!

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