Happy Monday…from my new home

Last Monday I was like I just spent the last three weeks in Texas, Congo and Paris but now I’m home and I’m getting back into my routine immediately and I can’t wait. Haha. Right. I spent half of the week trying not to slip into a jetlag-induced coma/nap every day at 10AM and the other half desperately trying to catch up at work and squeeze in face time with my friends. Oh, and I moved. Kurt and I got the keys to our new home on Tuesday. I spent 5 hours cleaning it on Thursday. Friday and Saturday were devoted to packing and Sunday was the actual move (thank you Katie and Trevor!). It was an intense week, a great week, though there was nothing routine about it.

For your eyes Why life in your 30s is better (and worse) than life in your 20s. There isn’t much else to say. I just loved this because so much of  what it says is how I feel.

For your ears This song. It’s so beautiful I want to cry. I tried to watch Inside Llewyn Davis on three different flights during my time away, but kept falling asleep. Katie and Trevor said it was extremely depressing, so maybe it’s for the best, but man, the soundtrack is perfect.

For your health Ahhhh….there wasn’t a lot of “health” going on for me this week, despite my eager claims one week ago. I went on one short hike and one short trail run. I rode my bike to work once. That’s about all I’ve got. I did join the Fitocracy group #pfworkout in an effort to be more accountable/make working out into a game, but so far I don’t really get it.

For the win Kurt and I have a new home, together. It’s big and bright and in a great location and extremely affordable. But most importantly it’s a new beginning with the one I love.


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