Happy Monday…what a difference a week makes

What a great week. Maybe it was finally feeling caught up at work. Or getting a lot of friend time in. Or feeling somewhat settled in my new home. Or the summer-like weather we got here on Vancouver Island. Or all the healthy food and exercise. Or something about the moon. Or…It was just a great week.

For your eyes This is why I love the internet.

For your ears/eyes I love this video. Kudos the the White House for putting the onus on men not to sexually assault, as opposed to the standard warning for women. This is the direction of change.

For your health I downloaded My Fitness Pal on my iPhone a couple weeks ago after reading this blog post. Oh man, it is the best thing that I’ve done for my health in a long time. While entering everything I eat does take a bit of time, it’s worth it. After only a couple days I realised two things: 1) I wasn’t getting near enough protein 2) My diet was way too high in fat. I immediately swapped out my mid-morning snack of 30-40 almonds with no-fat cottage cheese and my waistline already notices the difference. This app, if you’re committed, is a great way to monitor what you’re eating and whether you on track to reach your goals.

For the win My parents came to visit me this past weekend. Man, I love my parents, despite how bonkers their smothering love can drive me. Our visit was great.



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