Happy Monday…

Last Monday I had an appointment after work that didn’t get me home until 7 PM. I made dinner and did a few household chores, as you do. By the time I sat down to relax it was after 9 PM and it occurred to me that my next opportunity for downtime was Saturday, a whole 5 days away. I went into a panic. Not the tight chest, shallow breathing, visceral kind of panic, but the kind of panic that meant I was too anxious for a good night’s sleep. You would think, from the way I was acting, that I was looking down the barrel of a week filled with over time at a job I hated, dentist appointments and difficult conversations. But no. No, no. My plans consisted of meeting (and holding) a brand new baby, a date night with Kurt, furniture shopping, dinner with Kurt’s family, a new menu launch party at a fun lounge, lawn games and BBQs, and a beer with some old friends. That’s it.

I was literally getting anxious from too much awesome.

Yes, I realise this makes me a total jerk. But I also realise that for me, too much of anything doesn’t sit well, no matter how awesome it all is. As summer seems to be here on Vancouver Island, so do the extra-full evenings and weekends. While I’m totally excited for all of it, I’m also heading into this new season with a better understanding of how important balancing out the awesome is to me and my health.

For your eyes: If you’ve ever thought that Pinterst is kind of weird, then you will love this.

For your ears: This is my gift to you: I recently put together a playlist of 8 of the most talked about albums of the last little while. Just put this playlist (featuring Beck, Black Keys, Timber Timbre, War on Drugs, White Denim, Shakey Graves, Mac DeMarco and Lykke Li) on shuffle and you’ve got a great afternoon of music.

For your health: My runs of late have been pretty hit or miss, meaning sometimes they feel easy and sometimes they feel really, really hard. At times I feel like the only thing getting me through one of those hard runs is the mantra It’s only an hour. You can do anything for an hour. I repeat that over and over and it keeps me from throwing in the towel. I’m bringing this up here because I’m curious…if you’re a runner, how do you keep going when the going gets tough?

For the win: After a full week I took Saturday entirely to myself–I shopped and did errands, I watched movies and read–all day and all alone. It was wonderful.


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