Pink Mountaintops

My most listened to album of 2009 was easily Outside Love by Pink Mountaintops. I listened to it non-stop, start to finish, over and over again. It both confirmed my sadness and filled me with comfort at the same time. Like, even though I was miserable, when I listened to this album I knew that someone out there, like, totally understood me. There’s just something so satisfying in having your sorrow legitimized, I mean, c’mon:

And if I could find your heart
I would pull it from your chest
And smash you with my fist
Til it was beating

I’ve changed a lot since 2009, thankfully. Let’s hope the Pink Mountaintops are still as beautifully haunting as they were five years ago. I feel sure they will be.

The Pink Mountaintops play tonight in Victoria at Upstairs Cabaret.


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