It’s time to #EndFistula

On Friday, May 23 we mark the second annual International Day to End Obstetric Fistula.

Two million women live with obstetric fistula and 100,000 suffer the debilitating birth injury each year. But fistula is entirely preventable. This day to end obstetric fistula is the perfect moment for us to reflect on this preventable and treatable birth injury. We have made incredible progress towards ending obstetric fistula but there is more work to do.

Be part of the discussion – join our Twitter chat Friday 5/23 to raise awareness of the global commitment to end obstetric fistula. Follow #EndFistula on at 1pm ET!

We can’t end fistula in just one day, but our collective commitment to maternal health will inspire us daily to strive for a world where every mother gives birth safely.

The #EndFistula chat on Friday, May 23 at 1pm ET will let us spotlight the problem of obstetric fistula, share stories and solutions, and reflect on what we can do to realize a world without fistula.

Every voice matters – will you join us?


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