Happy Monday…I’m boring

My week was delightfully dull. I could tell you about it. About how I’m really hitting my stride at work, or how on Tuesday Katie and I went for a long walk and it was really nice, or how on Sunday I snuck a glass of red wine into the new X-Men movie and enjoyed it with my almond M&M’s. But you don’t care this, so I’ll keep the details to myself for now. I care, however. In fact, I care a great deal about all these mundane things that keep me content and my life easy. Sometimes I really love boring and this week was one of those times. And despite it’s lack of excitement, this week was wonderful and balanced and restful and exactly what I needed before diving head first into summer.

How was your week?

For your eyes: Busy is a thing that people talk/read/write about now, and I’ll admit, I’m one of those people. Here’s another one of those articles. I liked it, especially the part about not actually having more things to do than others, but spending more time thinking and planning and going over those things in one’s head prior to actually doing them and how that makes one feel more busy. I liked this because this is me.

For your ears: Jian Ghomeshi is a national treasure and he knows it. I loved this piece on the Q on oversimplifying Africa. Africa is not a country and Acacia trees are not a universal symbol. 

For your health: I went to see an osteopath this week for some ongoing hip pain I’ve been dealing with since I’ve gotten back to running on the regular. It was my first visit to an osteopath and I had heard good things, so I was excited to see how he could help with the constant discomfort. Unfortunately, he didn’t. He did do some active release on my psoas and hip, but nothing my chiropractor or my massage therapist couldn’t have done. And he kept blaming what is clearly an athletic injury on my digestion, which works fine. That didn’t sit right with me, so I don’t think I’ll be back. I’m curious, has anyone else used an osteopath before? What was your experience?

For the win: On Thursday I went to see Pink Mountaintops with Megs and Kurt. Some A+ homegrown rock and roll.


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