Happy Thursday…better late than never?

Apologies for the week long radio silence. I had written something with the intent of posting it on Saturday, but upon re-reading it I decided it was dumb. And then I left for a 4 day work trip in Vancouver, intending to do some writing in my downtime, only to remember that there is very rarely downtime while on work trips.

So, Thursday, here I am.

Summer really kicked off for me this last week and a half. I had my first round of “friends in town” something that seems to happen every other summer week when you live in a tourist destination. This last week saw the arrival of not one, but two incredible women from my waitressing days who have since relocated to Nelson, BC and Manchester, England. Having them in town served as a perfect excuse to get the old crew together for a laugh…and BBQ’s!

I went to two backyard BBQ’s in the last week. This makes me so happy. I know I’m not unique in my love  of summertime backyard BBQ’s, but really, it’s as though food tastes better and beer tastes colder when it’s consumed outside on a warm evening. It’s like every time one of these evenings occur I just know in my heart how truly lucky and blessed I am in this life. Plus BBQ’s are better in your 30’s because your friends have nicer homes and yards, fancier lawn games, and food other than chips and burgers.

Finally this last weekend served as a reminder to me that low-key weekends don’t have much of a place in the summer months. Saturday morning Kurt and I made our way to Vancouver so I could attend a resource investment conference for work (long story).  Most of my four days in the city were spent talking about the non-profit I work for, but Kurt and I did manage an amazing dinner at the Alibi Room and a long walk along the Sea Wall. Man, Vancouver is beautiful.

For your eyes: Read this, it’s important. Wear hats and sunscreen and don’t bake in the sun. I was diagnosed just over a year ago. It was terrifying and if it can happen to me it can happen to you.

For your ears: One of my favourite radio program’s is Tom Power’s Deep Roots on CBC Radio 2. And lately I’ve really been digging the program’s live stream as the soundtrack to my work day. You can access it here.

For your health: I’ve gained a couple lbs back after dropping 10 in the first month of my commitment to health, I’m currently resting comfortably at 148lbs. While my clothes are fitting better and I feel great, I have to admit, it’s disheartening to see the number on the scale rise. There are a number of reasons my weight could have gone up. Maybe I’ve gained muscle or my cheap, low end scale is playing mean tricks. Or maybe it’s the fact I’ve been letting my diet slide on the weekends (BBQ’s!) or it’s just that weight loss plateau you hear about. If anything it’s good motivation to stay committed to eating right and pushing myself in terms of fitness.

For the win: This is going to be hard in the summer months when there is something fantastic happening every night…but for this week I’m most grateful for the Saturday night that Kurt and I watched the sunset along the Vancouver Sea Wall. It truly was perfect.



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