May Budget Breakdown

Let me just take a moment to brag about how great I was at tracking my spending January through to mid-March. I was thorough, I was honest, I left out no detail. And then I went on my 3-week, 3-continent whirl wind tour. And then I moved only 6 days after returning home. And with that all my money tracking went out the window.

I am happy to share that I’ve been back on track since May 1st. Now, who wants to see a cool pie chart that I made myself?


Fixed Expenses 31%
You know what fixed expenses are: mortgage, internet, phone, insurance, gas, etc. These will pretty much stay the same dollar amount month to month, however the % may change. I had more cash flowing in May than I normally do, so they took up a smaller piece of the pie. Typically my fixed expenses will account for about 42% of my monthly spending.

Health and Fitness 8%
My online yoga membership, new trail runners, all the vitamins, appointments and prescriptions (that my benefits don’t cover) that keep me functioning on a monthly basis. Plus any other items that make a home in my bathroom.

Nesting 6%
Kurt and I moved in together in late April. We’ve needed to buy some new (to us) furniture and furnishings. This is something I’ve been saving for since we started talking about moving in together last fall, so none of it came to a surprise. I’m just  proud of how frugal we were able to be with all of our purchases, though I have to give Kurt 95% of the credit.

Looking Good 17%
How vain am I? Look, I have a bank account exclusively for shopping. I top it up ever so slightly when I can and a couple times a year I go on a shopping spree. It’s a system that works for me. This month I needed some new clothes for work. My office is quite casual and I’ve definitely taken advantage of that, but I’m meeting with people in the community more often these days. Some professional attire was needed so I took action. Plus I bought expensive face cream. That’s just me being a vain 32-year-old nostalgic over my 27-year-old skin.

Charity and Gifts 5%
I don’t think I need to elaborate here.

Eating and Drinking 10%
In the past I’ve shared on this blog that I’ve spent upwards of 25% of my budget on food and drink, it’s pretty amazing that I’ve gotten it down to 10% right? Well, it’s because I’m creative. Since so much of my social life revolves around food and drink, I’ve separated that spending out a little bit. This 10% includes groceries, take out when I’m too lazy to cook, and drinks consumed at home.

Having Fun and Keeping Busy 8%
This includes the money I spent on food and drinks for dinner parties, BBQ’s, game nights and gossip sessions over a beer or coffee. It also includes concert and movie tickets and other cool, fun things that make me smile and also cost money.

Savings 15%
This is the important number. 15% of what I spent in May went into my RRSP, TFSA, and my emergency fund. I guess it could have been higher but it also could have been lower, so I’m pretty happy with this number this month.


2 thoughts on “May Budget Breakdown

  1. Good job! The idea of separating things is actually quite good – when my wife was losing weight about 10 years ago we started putting aside $20 per week into a separate account, so when she hit her goal, BAM she could shop with no guilt or concern about debt. The last few years our vacations have been cash because of doing things that way, same for birthdays and Christmas. Sending our younger son on a month-long tour of Europe last summer … well, that one hurt 🙂

    • Thank you! Since getting out of debt in December I’ve been trying to do the same–pay for everything in cash. It’s a great practice, but all the planning for everything can be tiring. One day I’ll have enough in all my savings accounts to just do what I want, right? 😉

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