Happy Monday…from a girl who happily lives with her boyfriend

This week had me so thankful that Kurt and I took the plunge this April and moved in together. With the exception of Sunday afternoon and evening, the only time we saw each other over the last seven days was in passing. My evenings were filled with outdoor activities, and friends from out of town, and work stuff, while Kurt’s were filled with sports. He is a sports lover if I’ve ever known one and with the NBA and NHL play offs on top of his usual squash, lacrosse and basketball games, I’m lucky I even saw him in passing. 🙂

On the weekend we both took separate trips to Vancouver. Him for more sports that I will not elaborate on for fear that you judge my wonderful man. Me for a family reunion. My family is…complicated. The fact that 22 out of 28 of us were able to gather togehter for several hours without blood being drawn was a great thing and I’m so happy I got to be there for this historic event.

For your eyes: I work for a non-profit with a very traditional marketing strategy. Sometimes I feel like I would give half my salary to hire someone who could come up  with something as innovative as these ads. But then I remember how much I make and that plan is scrapped pretty quickly.

For your ears: The CBC’s First Listen of First Aid Kit’s new album Stay Gold is no longer available online, but you can listen to the first single here. With this latest album these young women are showing their talent and maturity. It’s beautiful.

For your health: I was thinking of writing a post like this one, but I didn’t. This is probably better than I could do anyways.

For the win: Rounds 3 and 4 of Friends in Town happened and it was great. My friends Laura and Steph both vistited the island this week. Both amazing women who moved to Calgary for their careers. Both can’t wait until they can move back.



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