I Support BC Teachers

Full disclosure: Both of my parents are retired BC teachers. 

For any of you who think this strike is about anything other than the kids, please read the words of my friend Jess:

Did you know?

  • A completely dependant child with special needs does not receive enough funding to cover the day? Even if they are known to self injure?
  • Children, with extreme behaviours, including violent outbursts and bolting, only get 6 hours of extra help a week?
  • That children are coming to school that we literally can’t understand and they only qualify for 1 half an hour session of speech therapy a week for 6 weeks, if they are lucky?
  • More children are coming to school with behaviour and sensory needs but they are closing Occupational Therapists’ positions?
  • That it can take up to 3/4 years for a child to get tested so they can be designated?
  •  That we teachers care so deeply that we buy school supplies, shoes, clothes, food, books, and birthday presents for those in need? 
  • I believe your children deserve a good education. So does every other educational professional I’ve personally had the pleasure of working with. That is why we are in this predicament. That is why I will risk not being able to pay my mortgage. We believe.

This is a woman who would make an effort every morning to wear nice clothes, do her hair, and put on perfume even though she was teaching a room full of 5-year-olds, because she felt these 5-year-olds deserved her utmost respect. What kind of respect is the BC government showing her in return? Shame on you BC Liberals.

If I ever have a child I can only hope that all of her teachers will be like Mrs. McPhee.






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