Happy Monday…on Wednesday

I’ve been away to America, but more on that another day.

These are some of the things that have been making me happy this last week…

…Opening myself up to spontaneity. Remember how I’m doing that now? Last Wednesday I was pretty sold on the idea of going for a run along the ocean with my best friend Katie and then spending the rest of the evening curled up with my book. But then Katie mentioned that she would be heading to her future sister-in-law/my next door neighbour’s house for a glass of wine and and invited me to join them. Why not? I thought. I can head over there for 45 minutes or so, it’s right next door. Before I knew it was midnight and after so much laughing and 5 bottles of wine I had just had one of my best nights of the summer so far.

…Food. I follow the blogs, twitter and instagram accounts of plenty of people who are healthier than I am. I use their low fat  recipes and rock hard bodies as inspiration to eat clean and drink water and get enough protein and all of those kinds of things. They remind me to track my caloric intake and opt for the homemade salad instead of the Thai take out that seems to call my name more often than not. And most of the time I look at these people  and I want to be more like them. But not this week. This week I felt sorry for them as I made my way through Seattle and into Portland eating donuts and  fresh biscuits with strawberries and cream and Mexican (x3) and drinking beer and milkshakes and not even caring for a second. Food is so good and while I won’t make a lifestyle of this, my goodness it was worth every calorie.

The Rifflandia line up. The Victoria music festival did the first wave of line up announcements this week, and I’m impressed. 22-year-old me is incredibly excited about Death Cab for Cutie. So is 32-year-old me if I’m honest. And also Thurston Moore and the Dum Dum Girls and Pickwick and Lightening Dust and Born Ruffians and Adam Cohen. And (hopefully) a bunch of other bands they have yet to announce.

The War on Drugs’ Wagonwheel Blues How have I never listened to this before? So good.


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