Happy Monday…the busiest week of the year

Some things that make me happy…

…Beach days. Since being diagnosed with basil cell carcinoma last year, I’ve seriously cut down my beach time. Like, I’ve pretty much eliminated it completely, as I probably should. But last Monday I threw on a long summer dress, a big floppy hat, and half a bottle SPF50 and made my way to Sauvie Island, just outside Portland. Kurt, Dana and I spent a few hours swimming in the Columbia River and just lying on the sandy beach reading. It was blissful and relaxing in a way that few things are.

…Modern love. Last Tuesday Kurt and I took the Clipper ferry from Seattle back to Victoria. Towards the end of the journey we got to talking to the young guy sitting behind us. He was heading to Victoria to spend a month with a girl he had met online. It was his first time to Canada. His first time on a boat. His first time on a plane when he left Tennessee that morning. And his first time hugging his girlfriend. When we waved goodbye we could tell by the smile on his face which first he was most excited about.

This article.  “Stop interrupting me.”  “I just said that.”  “No explanation needed.” Learn these phrases ladies.

…Lacrosse season. For existing and for being over. On Thursday I cheered on Kurt as his team won their second consecutive lacrosse championship. He was so happy. They were all so happy. Things that make people happy are awesome. And now, with the season over, I get my boyfriend back on Tuesday and Thursday nights and my tiny little deck free of stinky gear. That makes me happy.

…Rock and roll. We went to see these guys on Friday night. They aren’t my normal genre of choice, but whatevs, the show was great.

…True love. Two of my friends made it official on Saturday with an intimate backyard wedding. You know when two people are just so glaringly perfect for one another? That’s these guys. Locking love down with marriage, if that’s your thing, is so beautiful to witness.

…Summer BBQs. Have I mentioned how much I love summer BBQs? On Sunday we celebrated the rapidly ageing Jojo and Simon with good beer, old friends and way too much delicious food. The perfectly summer way to wrap up a perfectly summer week.


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