Happy Saturday…Vancouver Island Edition

It’s summer and I’ve been outside. I’ve been busy with activities. I’m sick of screens. I’ve been hormonal and moody. I just haven’t felt like it. All reasons why I haven’t been writing on this blog.

But done with that. On to some things that have made me happy over the past week or so…

…Bootcamp. Here is a sad fact: when you get to be 32, body parts start to shift and the long runs and hikes from your 20’s just don’t cut it any more. Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that bootcamp is a great way to both prevent and reverse said shifting. Well, until last Monday I had never tried bootcamp. I was always too afraid. But my friend Elexa convinced me and miraculously I didn’t die, I didn’t even puke. I did get a great workout and feel sore in all the best places. I’ll definitely be going back. If you live in Victoria you should come join me one of these days. We’ll have fun. 

…Friends. Friends are the family you chose for yourself and I have done just that. Throughout my life I’ve grown a nice little circle of supportive, hilarious, gregarious, and intelligent people who I love like they’re my blood. Many of them live here in Victoria, and many of them do not. And of those that do not, I’ve had face time with an awful lot of them so far this summer and that rules.

Pickle Pub Crawl. I’ve lived in Victoria for 9 years and I’ve never even heard of this, how is it possible? Fortunately for me, my friends Chelsea and Matt suggested we hit this up while they were in town on vacation. $15 for an evening of harbour cruises and more free appies than you can eat? Yes please.

Reuben and the Dark. So excited to see these guys play at Rifflandia this year.

How We End Up Marrying the Wrong People Everyone is mad, but is the one you love the right kind of mad for you? An interesting argument for a psychological relationship over a romantic one, and why some fail despite all the fireworks and sparks.

…Vancouver Island. Last weekend Kurt and I grabbed some coffees and cronuts and took to the road to visit my friends Tara and Courtney in the Comox Valley. We stopped at the top of the Malahat, at Rathtrevor Beach, and in Qualicum. We played in Nymph Falls and watched the sunset from Quadra Island over some curried muscles. Man, what a beautiful place we live.

Island Savings Waves of Kindness.  Yesterday I won $100 for me and $100 for a charity of my choice just by sharing an act of kindness on this site. If you live on Vancouver Island you should share too! What a great way to encourage kindness in the community. Kudos to you Island Savings.


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