sometimes being a responsible adult sucks

I get how cliché this is. War on Drugs is pretty much everyone’s new favourite band right now. But rightfully so! Their latest album Lost in the Dream is totally unreal and if you haven’t listened to it yet you should listen to it immediately. After  looking into their touring schedule and seeing only a couple of mid-week shows in Vancouver and knowing Kurt had already seen them a bunch of times I just didn’t think seeing them live was in the cards this year.

Then I gave War on Drugs’ 2008 album Wagonwheel Blues a re-listen and Katie told me that she and Trevor were going to go and the thought of missing that show broke me.

If I do a no spend work week I’ll be able to afford it, right?
I can postpone a long overdue and important work meeting just so I can go to the show, right?
I can skip an industry networking event that happens once a year and my boss specifically asked me to go to, right?
It totally wouldn’t be too much travel to come home from Vancouver on Monday night, then go back again on Wednesday for the show, return to Victoria Thursday AM, only to leave again for the Okanagan that afternoon, right?


Ahhhh. Maybe not.

How can I not feel nostalgic for the days when I didn’t care at all about missing work and didn’t think about how many vacation days I would have left in 6 months and didn’t worry about going into a bit of debt just to see an awesome rock show. Sometimes being a responsible adult sucks.

I’ll just listen to this song on repeat for the next week and wish I was there.


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